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For many years now, we have been privileged to live between France and Australia. We have grown accustomed to an incredible variety of quality seasonal produce and forged strong bonds with the people who work to nurture the land, live sustainably, and share the fruits of their labour with us.

The South West of Western Australia, in particular the Great Southern, has much in common with Provence and other regions in the south of France. Its Mediterranean climate, its many artisans and producers, make it possible for us to access an abundance of quality seasonal produce. It is a region of incredible natural beauty, one of the world's top 34 biodiversity hotspots. It draws people with vastly different life experiences, many of whom are artists of all persuasions (including chefs of course). All contribute to a rich community life: and this is why we have decided to become part of it, to make the region our home. What matters are people, provenance and seasonality.

At the markets

In terms of practice and the sharing of knowledge, terroir and tradition also underscore our philosophy. We delight in using locally sourced seasonal produce and stress the importance of knowing and getting to know all our producers. We work primarily with local or WA-sourced produce, but when we choose to use an imported terroir product, such as Puy Lentils from France or Quinoa from South America, we say so. The criteria we employ is simple: there must be a history or tradition linked to the product which enhances community, culinary experience and taste.


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