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About Terroir

The French term terroir famously untranslatable in English, means variously ‘rural’, ‘regional’, ‘of the earth or locality’ or the ‘taste of place.’ Renewed interest in terroir and peasant food explores knowledge that is perceived as somehow ‘always having been there’.

In popular culture terroir is used beyond the realm of viticulture and winemaking, linking the importance of the concept to organic growing methods, sustainable living practices and environmental awareness and sensibility. Terroir is used to describe farm or locally produced products where the origin is known and forms part of a larger social movement.

From an anthropological perspective terroir is associated with the cultural dimension of products and practices which have a historical depth, a history, taking their roots in shared knowledge and know-how, traditional knowledge and savoir-faire handed down from generation to generation and between those with a close connection to the land, forging identity and a sense of place.

Xavier Poupel

In certain renditions, terroir can refer also to ‘the soul of the cultivator, as well as the collective cultural know-how behind agricultural products associated with a place that help to constitute its tradition. Shared knowledge qualifies the product and establishes the bond to a specific place.

Terroir assigns regionality and uniqueness and points to small scale boutique or artisanal produce as opposed to mass production.

The choice of name for our business is a measure of our combined passion for authentic culinary practices and a desire to communicate the value of preserving and protecting all food and terroir traditions and cultures.

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