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Provincial-style cuisine is another term for peasant food, farm food or country-style cuisine. Food histories and cultural eating practices usually originate from the land, from the simple beginnings of subsistence farming and peasant cookery. Provincial-style cuisine and products of terroir offer an image of comfort, nourishing both body and spirit.

Provincial-style cuisines from all nations were either slow-cooked (the pot bubbling away for hours on the edge of the fireplace), spit roasted or grilled, and later baked in traditional wood-fired ovens. In provincial slow cooking techniques and baking in wood-fired ovens, flavours are trapped inside the cooking environment, each ingredient imparting its own unique character and flavour.

Our concept is new for the region and is inspired by l’Auberge Paysanne (where the people who produce the food, prepare the food and share or sell the food in farm or peasant-style restaurants) which abound throughout rural France; where to eat well is considered a given, a right.


Provincial Life

Photo Credit © Philippe & Eku Enee

Foods are used to their full potential; the skill of the chef is to enhance, not mask or disguise the natural flavours of fresh seasonal and locally sourced produce.

Meal times are an experience steeped in culture, combining traditional leisure time, community, conviviality and passionate and creative preparation time, at once defending and sustaining a certain way of life and reinforcing the importance and value of the land and its productive resources. Our mobile wood-fired oven is a contemporary adaptation of the fireplaces of old but the results are the same: simple, sometimes aromatic but always hearty wholesome fare.

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